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By Jeffrey Donaldson, MD |

My Mommy Makeover Experience

A Real Patient Shares Her Story With Plastic Surgery

“You want plastic surgery? Like… a celebrity?”

I still remember my sister’s reaction when I told her I had scheduled a tummy tuck. Many of the friends and family I shared with were supportive of my decision, but some didn’t understand. I suppose I can see their perspective; I was settled down. Happy with being a mom. Why did I need surgery?

I Guess I Should’ve Used the Magic Cream …

My husband and I knew we were finished having children after our last kid. I actually worked quite hard to slim down after so I could get back to feeling like myself again.

But underneath, you could tell I had a baby. You could tell I had three. I no longer recognized my own body. I didn’t feel necessarily embarrassed, but I definitely wasn’t happy with what I saw in the mirror. Yes, my body is strong and capable. And yes, it allows me to do things that I need to do in life. I love who I am… but still, I couldn’t help thinking… was there something I could have done to prevent this?

But What About Just Accepting Your Body the Way It Is?

I love the body positivity movement you see online. I think it is so important. I genuinely believe that seeing other women post and express their gratitude for their own bodies opened up my heart to love mine more. And I’m so grateful for that.

Still, this problem that mothers face isn’t new. After kids we are supposed to apply our drugstore creams, hope for the best, and eventually resign to never show our stomachs in public again. Eventually, I found out that plastic surgery actually isn’t so uncommon anymore. Women are getting tummy tucks after having children to feel stronger, not just to look slimmer.

That’s why I decided to do this for myself. Not because I hate my body… it’s because I love it.

My Surgery

I got a tummy tuck with abdominal liposuction, breast implants, and a breast lift. My results are incredible. I feel like I went through a complete transformation, mentally and physically, to become the best version of myself.

Together, they call this a Mommy Makeover, which can look different for every person. Mine was perfect for addressing my specific concerns, but someone else’s could be a completely different set of procedures.

How I Found The Plastic Surgeon for Me

I found Dr. Donaldson through a mix of word-of-mouth and Google searching, as I imagine most people do. One of my coworkers had chosen to have her surgery with him, and she is the kind of person who would definitely tell me if there were any issues with her experience. However, she gave him a glowing recommendation, which was one of my final deciding factors when choosing this practice. 

What I Wish I Knew Before Getting Plastic Surgery

The one major tip I have for preparing for surgery is to remain zen. Maybe it’s the mom in me that looks for what might go wrong, but as long as you review all of the information they give you and ask your questions along the way, everything will go smoothly.

Secondly, do your research. I spent several hours a week doing research online into what questions to ask. At Donaldson, they are the experts, but they didn’t expect me to be one — they explained everything thoroughly and in great detail, which I very much appreciated.

A Mom Did Something For Herself! Shocking, Right?

The results from my Mommy Makeover genuinely have made me a happier person. If we compare the amount I spent and with the number of days I have made better because of it, the cost is 100% worth it. Even if my body is completely covered, I still love knowing how I look underneath. I feel more agile, more capable, and more comfortable talking to new people. When I walk into a room, I have this new lighter, positive energy that my coworkers have definitely noticed.

I realized how much I missed my belly before kids, how my core muscles seemed stronger, how my breasts felt beautiful. Somewhere along the way, I lost that confidence. But now I remember what it’s like. I have all of those same feelings back, and more.

At the end of the day, I’m so grateful to the practice, but mostly I’m just proud of myself for taking the steps to get to where I want to be.

About The Author

Sarah is a 36-year-old working mom of three living in Columbus, OH. While she loves sharing about her results, she also values her personal privacy. While she has opted to not reveal her last name or a picture, she hopes her words resonate with other millennial moms who feel pressure to love themselves unconditionally but also face unrealistic beauty standards in the digital age.

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